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A native of London, England, I relocated to the Bay Area in 2006. Using body-work in my own life to maintain peak performance during my years performing in London's West-End. My background as an actor, singer, dancer and many trips to Thailand, Bali and India is where my passion for bodywork began. So, 14 years ago, I started a journey to cultivate a body of knowledge within the wellness industry. So, I undertook a two year Master Bodyworker program here in San Francisco. Along, with a NASM personal training certification.

I developed an early awareness of the importance of good body form and function through my work as an actor. I believe that the secret of good bodywork starts with listening, identifying dysfunction and encouraging the mind and body to adapt to a new pattern; one that promotes a physically healthy homeostasis.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, I worked as a professional stage actor in London, Europe and in the United States and hold a Masters in Theatre. I have performed in productions on Broadway (NYC) as well as The Old Vic Theatre London (UK), The Royal National Theatre London (UK) and numerous West-End Stages (UK) and now act in the Bay Area.



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